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Alepp Soap

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Alepp is an olive and laurel berry oil vegan bar soap that is nourishing and gentle on the skin. The perfect addition to a gift pack or to compliment your bathing rituals.

Steeped in tradition the gentle product has the key ingredient of laurel berry oil which gives the soap its distinctive earthy fragrance much loved in Syria and Turkey today. It has been made in the same way for centuries in the Middle East. The soap has a golden coloured outer layer, while its interior remains a beautiful olive green. The nine month drying process makes it hard and retains its distinctive and aroma and gentle foam. The soaps are hand cut and stamped in the same way they have been for centuries. At the start of the soap making process the ingredients are olive oil, laurel berry oil, lye and water but by the end of its processing just the olive oil and laurel berry oil remain. This means it is biodegradable, gentle on the earth as well as good for the skin.